FAQ Questions

Can I use a OpenSumo theme on more than one site?

OpenSumo's theme come with "unlimited licence". You can use our theme on as many websites as long as the website belongs to you or not. However for getting support for your clients’ websites, you need to purchase the Developer plan.

How Often do you release new theme?

We release new theme regularly. Usually we always release the new theme in every one to three month.

When the theme release new update?

We will update the theme for new features regularly or whenever we found any bugs or problems with our theme.

Can I customize the theme?

You can update or develpe the new features on our websites that you have sold. We do not restrict the use of our themes to turnkey sites, assuming they are not hosted by OpenSumo Sites.

However, the buyer of the custom site you build with OpenSumo will not have access to our customer portal, unless they purchase directly from us.